Recent Members Joining GLSN:
  • Mex Africa Logistics (MEX UG) of Uganda |  
  • Intramar Freight of New Zealand |  
  • Bentri Forwarding of Belgium |  
  • JDB Logistics of USA |  
  • K Rich Logistics of Thailand |  
  • Ark Business & Logistics of Egypt |  
  • Silogística of Colombia |  
  • Cross Freight of Germany |  
  • Aero Africa of Senegal |  
  • SME-Europe of Hungary |  

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Experience the future of global logistics networking summits with GLSN. Our bi-annual Summits are expertly organized, allowing members to engage in meaningful face-to-face meetings with other like-minded professionals in the industry. Gain valuable insights into emerging trends and market developments, while building lasting relationships with potential partners and clients. Our Summits are inclusive of membership and come with full website capabilities, making it easy to stay connected with other members even after the event has concluded. Join us at our next Summit and discover the power of real-world networking for global logistics success.

Summit Name Date Venue Link
No Summits Found.

Previous Summits

Summit Name Date Venue Link
2023 March Summit 16 & 17th March 2023


2022 Fall Summit 27, 28, 29th October 2022

Phuket, Thailand

2022 Virtual Spring Summit 21 & 22 March 2022


2021 Virtual Spring Summit 24 & 25 March

Virtual Summit

2021 Virtual Fall Summit 18 & 19 October

Virtual Summit