Recent Members Joining GLSN:
  • DTR Cargo of Poland |  
  • C&C Logistics of El Salvador |  
  • Lima Line Shipping & Logistics of Turkey |  
  • AllCargo Logistic Services of Israel |  
  • CGS Global Logistics of Sri Lanka |  
  • Realco Logistics of Taiwan |  
  • Tiger Logistics of Vietnam |  
  • Royal Logistics of Oman |  
  • Goldenway Int'l Freight of China |  
  • Mex Africa Logistics (MEX UG) of Uganda |  

Member Benefits

GLSN benefits, affordable, safe, growth orientated and more



We offer the same benefits (and more) as the other 'premium' networks at less then 50% of the price!

Two Summits a year


Virtual Spring Summit in March.
Fall Summit in October (Thailand)

Payment Protection Fund


Be covered up to $15.000,- annually! Terms can be found here

Orientated towards small and medium forwarders


Working with forwarders you can grow with

Balanced network, no overcrowding


No overcrowding countries/ports as is the case in many networks. We ensure you can make a fair return on your investment each year and have a competitive chance.

Always developing


Always improving our website and mobile capabilities

Great Affiliates and Partners


Like Container XChange & many more *linking to their website)

Experienced/Led by Forwarders


We understand your business

Supporting your business


We're here to actively help networking and establish new business partners

Global Coverage


Our MoU with GLN & 5-SLN mean you have global coverage

Always Expanding


We are growing fast and adding new potential business partners all the time

Mobile App


Easy access to our directory when your on the move

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